harry man

Harry Man is a British poet and visual artist.
‘Lift’, his first pamphlet, won the UNESCO 2014 Bridges of Struga Award.

Harry was a 2016 Clarissa Luard Wordsworth Trust Poet in Residence
and a 2016 Hawthornden Fellow. He was a 2016 TOAST Poet.

Currently, he is a 2020-21 Das Haus Lab #03 Fellow.

He also writes and performs for a children's theatre company
with Canadian contemporary dance choreographer Jennifer Essex.

His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC Tees and at festivals
internationally including Poetry International, Rotterdam, T-Junction and Ars Poetica.

In 2018 his work was selected for Poem of North by the Northern Poetry Library.


“The poems are packed to bursting with ideas... Harry Man is one of a young generation of poets
defining their own ground and changing ours.” - George Szirtes


“Tall Lighthouse has a habit of spotting talent, having published Helen Mort's first two pamphlets.
Here, Harry Man looks a poet unique and bold enough to follow in those footsteps.
Lift is a debut pamphlet that takes off into orbit, mixing science fiction and science fact, past and future,
with language and imagery that sparkles with life. Poems arise from gaming platforms and social media,
from time machines and rocket ships, and are sewn with a passion and humour by a poetic voice which displays
an endearing understanding of what it is to be human.”
                                                                                                                                            - PBS Spring Bulletin